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Wildflowers and Waterfalls on the Mountain

Location: Elk Meadows - Mt Hood Wilderness, OR

Date: August 9th, 2014

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Things I Hear Having PCOS


• It can’t be that hard. Just have more sex.

You’re telling me all I have to do is have sex?? I’ve wasted all this money on Dr appointments when I could have just had sex!? Thanks. I never thought of that.

• Maybe you’ll grow out of it.

No, dumbass. I won’t grow out if it. You don’t grow out of…


Infertility is a loss. It is the loss of an idea that you could have a child when you deemed yourself ready. It is a loss of the image of your future child and your future family that you have built up in your mind. It is a locked door that you don’t have the key for.
It is ok to grieve this loss. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you can’t.

I must be the only female that prefers to have their period while on vacation rather than at work. I didn’t think it was that weird…